God never leaves me empty handed

Sometimes I feel like a superman ready to fly,
it’s hard to reach but I try to touch the sky.
sometimes I feel like I ain’t nothing at all,
I lose sense of wonder, easily stumble and fall.

Sometimes I don’t blink looking at the brightest light
It’s not easy but I can stare and keep my head up tight.
Sometimes I get blinded by the neon glow,
I hide In the dark and stay under the shadows.

Sometimes I feel helpless when I try to climb a mountain,
I battle against negative forces that hit me like a hurricane.
Sometimes I almost give up when it’s hard to breathe,
Bad eyes try to break me down but I manage to stay on my feet.

Sometimes jealousy chases me while I’m trying to go distance,
But I never settle for the easy path of least resistance.
Sometimes I spread love as its worth spreading to stay happy,
I always will take those chances to overcome hate and jealousy.

Sometimes I feel satisfied and content with little,
But my hunger keeps me going to win more battles.
Always, I don’t take my success or failure for granted,
Somehow, God never leaves me empty handed.

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