I have learnt how to live my life

It took a while
But I have learnt how to live life
Without the consolation of tears
I have learnt how to live my life

Heart on fire

I thought my wounded heart will never look for a home,
Can’t handle another punch and I am better off on my own.
It felt like I was hiding and walking alone on a cloud,
Until I saw you when I knew I was bolted to the ground.
I was blown away by your beauty and had so much to say,
Like a kite I was flying high up in the sky on a windy day.

Imperfectly Perfect

You maybe seeking absolute perfection
everything has to be in order by definition
what about if I act little weird & half crazy
often times I leave your closet little messy More

Dont give up

When you feel like
Time stops running
Hope starts fading
Feet stops moving .... More

Last Dance in the Rain

I know you really loved me
Love that was pure as it can be
When I used to look at your eyes,
Only saw the love that should really be .... More