God never leaves me empty handed

Sometimes I feel like a superman ready to fly, it's hard to reach but I try to touch the sky. sometimes I feel like I ain't nothing at all, I lose sense of wonder, easily stumble and fall. Sometimes I don't blink looking at the brightest light It's not easy but I can stare and keep my head up tight. Sometimes I get blinded by the ... More

It’s been a long time coming

You knew It's been a long time coming Still it can take a while before it starts to sink in You try to put your best face forward to prevent it Fake one smile after another and just pretended You were just ignoring and putting off the pain You thought, for roots to grow, they need some rain When you're sure that Nothing is ever ... More

Hope you remember me!

Sun goes down at the end of the day and light disappears, Time slips away and nothing lasts forever. Strange feelings keep me awake and I wonder, There would be a time I would give up and surrender. Like a dust in the wind, eventually, I will fly away, Light will guide me to the strange house and I will go away. It may bring you down ... More

Life is a highway

Life seems like an endless highway
Kept driving recklessly without any direction
Life feels like an winnable race
Had to score high and win every competition
Age looks like a dry sand in the hand
More I tried to squeeze it slipped through all directions


I remember those days like strange memories
Up above my head, clouds used to run free
Sky used to dance and play hide and seek
I never felt it was hanging so far from my reach
Sky, I always felt you so close even being worlds away
Wondered why you often cry sad, drop rains and walk away?

Dear Jealousy

You are a venomous emotion,
You are an act of self destruction.
Playing with many vulnerable minds,
And making them fool and unkind. More

Dealing with my demons!

In the moments of weakness I was out of my mind
Dark clouds took out all the lights and had me blind
I didn't care what's right or what's wrong
Just wanted to forget my misery and sing a happy song More

My Journey

Sometime it feels just like I'm dreaming
Can't believe the life that I am having
I don't know if I even deserve it
For all my lucky stars to line up like this
I didn’t need a genie in a bottle
I never gave up trying through my struggle

Wrangled with Race and Religion

It never felt so strange,
our world certainly has changed.
Our blue sky faded to gray,
Humanity & kindness gone away.

My Little Girl

I still remember that beautiful morning,
God blessed us with a gift and a new beginning.
you looked like an angel glowing in lights,
face full of grace and heaven in your eyes.
they just didn't Place you in my arm,
you, instantly, cuddled right into my heart.