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You are the mild wind
I'm an open window
You are the deep blue sky
I'm the cloud trying to feel you .... More

Last Dance in the Rain

I know you really loved me
Love that was pure as it can be
When I used to look at your eyes,
Only saw the love that should really be .... More

Couldn’t tell you

Sometimes I can't write a line or two
Struggle finding right words to create any flow
Cant finish a poem to express my feelings
Like a flower dies before its blooming .... More

Corona Virus

Thunder roaring, storm circling around
Started with few drops now pouring down
Feels like hard times knocking around
The water's rising & world is sinking down .... More

Im not good at leaving

I'm not good at leaving
Even while it's nightmare for staying,
I couldn't be like swirling wild wind
Dissapearing after the strong cyclone .... More

Wrong Turn

I traveled around to see the northern lights
Waited many nights to see how it glows so bright
I roamed around the world coast to coast
I've been everywhere my heart could go .... More

Elite Boys Club

When the world around us upside-down
Who cares about power & position
We've seen enough from fake elite class
don't need a slice of the FIVE STAR Life .... More

No regrets in life without you

I have no grief in life without you
yet my life is not a life without you
I still think about you every step I take
Every thought, Every dream & every breath .... More


I was like a boat stuck in a bottle,
so lost in a crowd, one in a billion.
I was like a stressed out star in the sky,
lost own brightness & seeing everyone else shine .... More