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My Little Girl

I still remember that beautiful morning,
God blessed us with a gift and a new beginning.
you looked like an angel glowing in lights,
face full of grace and heaven in your eyes.
they just didn't Place you in my arm,
you, instantly, cuddled right into my heart.

He is Allah, He is Khuda, He is God.

We rarely wonder about everything around us,
It's amazing all the creations surrounding us.
Millions of stars above sparkling so bright,
Decorating the world & mesmerizing the night.

Doomed for good this time

while we're walking on the edge of a knife
I just wish my choices were better in life
hope i did reflect my mistakes to shine
late, but I'm doomed for good this time

An emotic affliction

I tried to be your moonlight,
wanted to shine on you all night.
I tried to be your sparkling star,
wanted to walk along through dark paths.
I didn't want to leave like that other day,
but I was running out of reasons to stay.

Different World

We don't feel the same way we used to
our sky turned into gray, it's no longer blue
we don't live the same way we used to
ducked our head hoping storm blows through

Imperfectly Perfect

You maybe seeking absolute perfection
everything has to be in order by definition
what about if I act little weird & half crazy
often times I leave your closet little messy More

Friday I Miss You

My Mondays used to be painful
Tuesdays & Wednesdays weren't meaningful
Thursdays, always prayed to finish fast
Fridays, I always loved you & wanted to last ....

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