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Friday I Miss You

My Mondays used to be painful
Tuesdays & Wednesdays weren't meaningful
Thursdays, always prayed to finish fast
Fridays, I always loved you & wanted to last ....

Tips And Tricks Of Developing SEO Friendly Web Content

Writing SEO friendly web content doesn’t just mean strategically placing your keywords within the body of text. There is more to that! But before proceeding let us discuss the types of keywords phrases and get familiar with few important terms. Types Of Keyword Phrases Keyword phrases are mainly of two types – Primary and ... More

Why Businesses Are Adapting Analytics?

We are going through an era of digital transformation when technology landscapes are shifting. Data analytics, Big Data are some of the buzzwords that are in vogue. But what is leading to this new trend in data handling and data analysis? We are overwhelmed by massive amounts of structured and unstructured data (Petabytes or ... More

Securing Your Network – Ways And Methods

The present computer era is all about networking and sharing. Computers, servers, and hardware are all connected to each other on a network for sharing resources, data, information, and for aiding in faster communication. Though internet and networking have opened up incredible opportunities, but proper precautions should be ... More

Fiber Optics – Taking Communication To A Different Level

Internet nowadays is all about speed and good connectivity. Internet service providers are judged by the time required for downloading or uploading high quality videos and audios. Lesser the time better is their quality of service. But what has enabled this kind of fast communication? Technology of Fiber optics revolutionized ... More

5 Benefits With Using A Smart Watch

It is the digital era where Technology plays a prominent role. We can do so many electronic transactions by using a smart watch. From paying bills to recharges and even shopping has been made possible because of the technology advancement. Smart watches are one such technological move made by the companies. Smart Watch can ... More

How windows 10 has changed the digital world

With fast broadband connections and smart phones, there has been a rapid growth in number of internet users. According to United Nations estimates by 2016, there are expected to be 3.4 billion internet users, which is about 45 percent of the world’s projected population. Although people tend to refer to the “Internet” as ... More

Solar Power Inverters – Their Types and Comparison

HMicroinverters versus Conventional Inverters In conventional PV solar installations, solar panels are wired in series, creating a PV array. Central inverters, also known as String inverters are connected to multiple solar panels or the PV array, as shown in the figure below. String or central inverters convert the ... More

Solar Power for Your Homes – Is it Worth Investing?

If you can reduce your electricity bills and get returns on your investment then why not consider switching to solar power for your homes? You can start by switching to solar power for some of the equipment, say for heaters, coolers or garden lights. You will not only save money but also make a contribution to your environment ... More

Why you should never hit your children

Children can be mischievous and annoying sometimes, and the ever so hectic day at work, it’s quite difficult for anyone to control their anger. As according to the tradition that our forefathers always accepted, hitting or physically punishing the child apparently does the work, but in actuality, it just keeps making things ... More